Sump Pumps are the most common water pump and are used to remove ground water from sump pits and transfer basement drainage to prevent residential flooding. They are available in submersible (motor inside the pit), and in pedestal (motor outside the pit) formats. You may think having the motor outside the pit is a benefit? Well we disagree, and choose to manufacture only submersible primary pumps for their quiet operation. Less distraction to the homeowner, is a benefit!

WST50 3000x3000 Branded - SPF33_50 White Float '16 (1) CDU980_1000 White Float '16

How far will you be moving the water?

Wayne Sump Pump Flow ChartSometimes called total dynamic head or just ‘head,’ the vertical distance you’re moving the water may be zero, up to about 25’. Check the horizontal axis of the performance chart associated with each pump to make sure it will move the water the vertical distance you require.

How much horsepower (HP) do you need?

In general, the more horsepower, the better. Pump performance depends on how high and how fast you want to pump the water.

Requirement Tips:

GFCI Outlet IllistrationEnsure that there’s a GFCI
Protected electrical outlet
Near the installation location
Sump Pump Basin IllistrationMeasure the diameter of your sump basin A and discharge pipe B

Understanding Sump Pump Switches:

WST50 3000x3000 Branded -Tether Float Switch: Mechanical devices designed to automatically turn a pump on and off at pre-set levels. Tether switches float horizontally on the liquid and to ensure unobstructed travel, use only in basins 14” or larger. SPF33_50 White Float '16 (1)Vertical Float Switch: Mechanical switches, designed to float vertically to turn the pump on and off. These should be installed 90 degrees from incoming liquid, and are most effective in 11” or wider sump pits.

Back-Up and Combination Battery Back-Up Systems

For complete basement protection, you’ll need a WAYNE battery back-up sump pump or combination primary and battery back-up sump pump system. Let WAYNE do the hard work for you! Preassembled Primary and Back-Up Sump Pumps are ready to drop in and PROTECT!

Wayne Sump Pump WSS30V Wayne Sump Pumps ESP25

Battery Back-Up Sump Pump System

Battery Back-Up Pumps are added in addition to your primary sump pump, and are powered off a 12 Volt battery. This completes your sump pump system and provides additional protection to remove ground water during a power outage, primary pump failure or heavy rain.

Combination System

Combination systems include a primary pump, in addition to the back-up pump, two heavy-duty check valves, and fittings. WAYNE completely pre-assembles these systems for easy installation. Combination systems are recommended for FULL protection and pumping power.

Installation Tips:

Wayne ToolsPlease refer to the appropriate manual (located on every product page & online) for details on what is needed before and during installation.

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