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AdvanTEXT Cellular Monitoring

Real Time Text Alert Helps Prevent Basement Flooding

AdvanTEXT sends you a text message for any of the below conditions.

  • Water is detected by lower float.
  • Water is detected by upper float.
  • Water is no longer detected by lower float.
  • Water is no longer detected by upper float.
  • Electrical power was lost to AdvanTEXT
  • Electrical power has returned to AdvanTEXT
  • The backup batteries are low and should be replaced soon.
  • The backup batteries are critically low and should be replaced immediately.

You can send a text to the unit at any time to receive a status update. Program up to 3 mobile phone numbers to receive text alerts.

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WTX502 Sump Pump

AdvanTEXT Sump Pump

  • Homeowners Receive Text Message Alerts in the Event of High Water or Power Outage!
  • Pump up to 4800 @ 0 ft.
  • Receive a text message when high water is detected, or power goes out.
  • Alerts up to 3 contacts with text message notifications.
  • No need for landline or WIFI (small monthly fee applies).
  • Battery back-up (4) AAA batteries not included, to allow continued text notification during power outage.
  • 1/2 HP top suction design sump pump passes up to 1/2 in. solids.
  • System Includes: 1/2 HP primary sump pump, AdvanTEXT Flood Monitoring unit, Dual float water sensor and Four 8 in. zip tie mounting straps for easy installation.
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AdvanTEXT Sump Pump Alarm

  • Works with any brand of sump pump
  • Sends text alerts for AC power outage and power restored
  • Sends text alerts for high water conditions and normal level restored
  • Battery back-up (4 AA batteries, not included) to allow continued text notification during power outage
  • No Internet, WIFI, or land line telephone connection required Homeowner pays low monthly service fee for texting service
  • Loud 85 dB audible alarm in addition to text message alerts
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WLS100 Lawn Pump

1 HP Cast Iron Sprinkling Pump

  • Pumps Up To 2200 GPH @ 5' (30 PSI)
  • All Motors Are Factory Wired 240V. The 3/4, 1 And 1½ HP Models Include A Dual Voltage Option
  • 2" NPT Suction with 1-1/2" NPT Discharge for Maximum Water Flow
  • Designed To Operate Underground Sprinkling Systems, Draw Water From Wells, Lakes, Or Ponds For Watering, Pool Filling, Or Any Other Applications Where High Water Volume Is Needed
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WIP150 Pool Pump

1-1/2 HP Pool Pump In and Above Ground

  • Pumps Up To 41,000 Gallons
  • Reinforced, Corrosion-Resistant, Thermoplastic Pool Pump
  • Self-Priming, High Efficiency Dual Voltage Motor (120/240) - Factory Wired for 240 Volts
  • Large Capacity Strainer With Clear View Lid for Quick Cleaning
  • Standard 1-1/2" NPT Suction/Discharge For Easy Installation
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WAPC250 Pool Cover Pump

1/4 HP Pool Cover Water Removal Pump

  • Pumps Up To 3000 GPH
  • Plug In, and Leave the Pump Unattended for Worry-Free Water Removal
  • Built-In Debris and Ice Overload Protection
  • iSwitch® Sensing Technology - Microprocessor Controlled for Optimal Operation
  • 25 ft. "Pull To Shore" Rope Included
  • 25 ft. Power Cord
  • Energy Efficient, High Flow Oil-Free Motor
  • Sealed Thermoplastic Construction For Submersible Use
  • Check Valve Reducer Included to Reduce Short-Cycling
  • Strainer Filters Debris to Minimize Clogging
  • ON Level - 2-1/8 in.
  • OFF Level - 3/4 in.
  • 1/4 HP Motor Rated 2.5 Amps
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CSE50TE Sewage Pump

1/2 HP Sewage Pump Cast Iron With Piggyback Tether Switch

  • Pumps Up To 7680 GPH @ 0'
  • Durable, Cast Iron Submersible Sewage Pump
  • Piggy-Back Tether Float Switch For Automatic Or Manual Operation
  • 2" NPT Discharge Capable Of Handling 2" Solids
  • Designed For Easy Installation Without Any Plumbing Changes
  • Lower Ball Bearings For Quiet Operation
  • Designed For Residential And Light Commercial Sewage Applications
  • Ideal For Basement Or Below Grade Installations
  • Designed For 18” Diameter Or Larger Sewage Basins
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JSU50-12P Well Pump Tank System

1/2 HP Shallow Well Jet Pump Conventional 12-Gallon Tank System

  • Pumps Up To 288 Gallons Per Hour @ 5’ Depth - (50 PSI)
  • Cast-Iron Shallow Jet Well Pump System
  • Replaces Most Water Systems
  • Epoxy Coating For Superior Corrosion Resistance
  • For Wells 0’ - 25’ In Depth
  • Dual Voltage (120/240) High Efficiency Square Flange Motor
    (Factory Wired For 120 Volts)
  • 3/4” NPT Discharge With 1¼” Suction
  • 30-50 PSI Pre-Set Pressure Switch Included
  • Dedicated Priming Port For Volute Filling
  • Durable Cast-Iron Volute 
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SYLT30 Specialty Laundry Tray Pump

1/3 HP Laundry Tray System PreAssembled and Job-Ready

  • 1/3 HP Pumps Up To 3060 GPH @ 0’
  • Durable, Reinforced, Thermoplastic Pump
  • 10 Gallon Capacity, Durable, Thermoplastic Tank
  • 1½” NPT Inlet With 1½” Discharge And Vent
  • Pre-assembled And Job-Ready With Detailed Instructions
  • Ideal For Draining Sinks, Washing Machines, And Laundry Trays
    That Are Below The Sewer Line Without Breaking Concrete
  • Installation 1½” Check Valve Included
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EEAUP250 Window Well Utility Pump

1/4 HP Energy Efficient Auto On/Off Water Removal Pump

  • iSwitch™ Sensing Technology Turns The Pump On And Off Automatically With The Presence Of Water
  • 1/4 HP Pumps Tp To 3000 GPH @ 0’
  • Energy Efficient, High Flow 1/4 HP Oil-Free Motor
  • Corrosion-Resistant, Sealed Thermoplastic Construction For Submersible Use
  • 1¼” Discharge With Garden Hose Adapter Included
  • Bottom Suction Design Filters Debris And Removes Water Down To 3/8” Of Surface
  • Designed To Perform In Applications Such As, Draining Flooded Basements, Emptying Water Filled Boats, And Removing Water From Sinks, Stock Tanks And Flat Roofs
  • 1/4 HP Motor Rated 2.5 Amps
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RUP160 Rain Barrel Pump

1/6 HP Oil-Free Submersible Pump

  • Pumps Up To 3000 GPH @ 0'
  • Reinforced Thermoplastic Oil-Free Submersible Utility Pump
  • Corrosion-Resistant Reinforced Thermoplastic Housing, Volute, And Impeller
  • Bottom Suction Design Filters and Removes Water Down To 3/8" Of Surface
  • 1-1/4" NPS Discharge With 3/4" Garden Hose Adapter Included
  • Oil-Free Design Protects Aquatic Life
  • Designed To Perform In Applications Such As, Draining Flooded Basements, Emptying Water Filled Boats, And Removing Water From Sinks, Stock Tanks And Flat Roofs
  • Easy Carry Handle For Portability
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PC2 Aquarium Pump

115-Volt Transfer Pump

  • Pumps Up To 340 GPH @ 0'
  • Chrome-Plated Bronze Transfer Utility Pump
  • 3/4” Chrome-Plated Bronze Suction/Discharge For Easy Connection To Standard Garden Hose
  • Removes Water Down To 1/8” Of Surface When Water Suction Attachment Is Connected
  • Portable And Lightweight Transfer Pump You Can Take Anywhere
  • Easy Carry Handle For Portability
  • Kit Includes: 6' Suction Hose, Water Suction Attachment, And Replacements Parts Kit
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Condensate Pump

  • Pumps Up To 85 GPH @ 0'
  • Reinforced, Corrosion-Resistant, Thermoplastic Condensate Pump
  • Transfers Condensation From Air Conditioners and HVAC Systems To A Nearby Drain
  • 3/8" Discharge With Built-In Check Valve
  • Safety Switch Shuts Off During Power Failures
  • Designed For Easy Installation In New Or Existing Applications
  • 2-Quart Reinforced Thermoplastic Reservoir
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5.5 HP Gasoline-Powered Semi-Trash Pump

  • Pumps Up To 16,800 GPH @ 0'
  • Rugged, Aluminum And Cast-Iron Gasoline-Powered Water Transfer Utility Pump
  • OHV 4-Cycle Honda Engine Passes Up To 5/8" Solids
  • 3” NPT Suction/Discharge For Easy Connection To Standard Discharge Hose
  • Heavy-Duty Water Transfer Pump You Can Take Anywhere
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Roll Cage And Pump Housing Protect And Provide Stability
  • Passes Up To 5/8" solids
  • 1 Gallon Gas Reservoir
  • Cast-Iron Pump Casing and Impeller
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