May 20, 2019 Author: R

Make and Appointment to receive a WaterBUG GLOW™ show discount! Complete the contact form and make an appointment with us. You will receive and exclusive show discount on our brand new Wa

Winterizing Your WAYNE Well Pumps: Easy Tips to Prolong Pump Life and Prevent Damage
January 10, 2017 Author: Wayne Pumps

Winterizing Your Well Pump Easy tips to prolong pump life and prevent damage Just as your most cherished (and expensive) investments, require seasonal maintenance, so do some of the less

Choosing the Right Sewage Pump for the Job
December 19, 2016 Author: Wayne Pumps

Bigger is Not Always Better: Tips for Choosing the Right Sewage Pump for the Job You’re in the market for a new sewage pump, you want the best, longest lasting, biggest, and highest

Global Warming Drives Heavy Precipitation and Flooding
November 17, 2016 Author: Wayne Pumps

Recently, you’ve probably noticed a disturbing trend in regards to weather patterns. Unpredictable, sudden, severe, and abnormal weather trends that seem to get worse as the temperatur

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