CCPA Request

If you would like to make a CCPA Data request please e-mail our customer service department by clicking the link below or print out this page and mail it to:

S.F. Consumer Brands – CCPA Department

865 Bassett Rd.

Westlake, OH 44145.

E-Mail SFCB CCPA Department

SFCB will reply to your request within seven business days from the day the request is received.

SFCB has 45 days to complete your request but will begin right away.


Today’s Date* _______________________

Select Request Type:  (Choose one option per request)*

__ Request to Know                  __ Request to Delete


Choose your relationship with SFCB (Select All that Apply)*

__ Consumer Customer

__ Consumer – Not a Customer

__ Business Customer

__ No Relationship with UCFS


Are you submitting this request for yourself?*

__Yes                __ No (you must include a power of attorney or proof of guardianship


SFCB Consumer Account Number (if Available) ______________________

First Name* ___________________

Middle Initial ______

Last Name* _______________________

Primary Phone Number* _____________________

Email* _______________________________

Date of Birth* _______________________________


City* ____________________________

State* ________________

Zip Code* ________________

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