The BEST, Gets Even Better: WAYNE Sump Pumps Boast Ultra Quiet Performance

October 20, 2016 Author: Wayne Pumps

WAYNE Pumps Ultra Quiet Sump Pumps

WAYNE Pump has a reputation for industry leading innovation and quality. Whether it’s assembling our pumps at our manufacturing facility in Harrison, Ohio, or having an independent third party  verify that our engineered integrated vertical float switches lasts an average of 1 million cycles (vastly longer than the competition), we stand proudly behind our products and always have. These are just a few reasons customers purchase and trust WAYNE pumps. Shhhhh, you can add another reason to that list, as WAYNE Pumps boast ultra-quiet performance.

A common complaint with sump pumps and battery back-up systems, are the loud, interesting noises they make. Often times, these loud/strange noises are due to bottom suction pumps essentially burping (yes, burping), to avoid air-lock that can damage a pumps motor. Due to this design, a weep hole is required to be drilled into the discharge pipe, which adds an extra “gurgle” after the burp. As if this commotion wasn’t enough, many competitors use outdated motor technologies that generate loud vibrations in the sump pit, and often echo throughout your basement.

So, what’s the big deal, it can’t be that loud, right? Unfortunately, sump pumps can generate a lot of noise, noise that can be quite embarrassing if you’re entertaining a house guest. Loud and distracting, you may nervously wake in the middle of the night to ensure that the noise you just heard, wasn’t your pump malfunctioning. With a WAYNE sump pump or battery back-up system boasting ultra-quiet performance, you won’t hear a thing as the longest lasting, highest quality pump protects your basement.

All sump pumps are the same right? What makes WAYNE pumps any different from the competition? As mentioned above, most sump pump manufacturers use outdated motor technologies that generate extra vibration, which equals extra noise. WAYNE sump pumps use energy efficient permanent split capacitor (PSC) motors that utilize ball bearings to lessen vibrations during operation. WAYNE pumps also remedied the need for a weep hole, by developing a unique top suction design that pulls water from above the impeller, eliminating the risk of air locks, clogging and that pesky gurgle. When combined, a truly ultra-quiet pumping environment is the result, and that has to be heard to believe.

When it comes to protecting your basement, you shouldn’t settle for loud, clunky pumps with outdated technology.  Here at WAYNE, we believe that pumps should be built from quality, long-lasting materials and are better left unheard. Set it and forget it, as WAYNE Pumps are the hardest working pumps, you’ll never hear!

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