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This Pump Made Quite the Splash

Do you read Handyman Magazine? Today’s online newsletter called HANDY TOOL BOX featured our WAYNE Auto On/Off Utility Pump. And, we are proud to have recieved a 100% approval rating from the 39 product testers who tried it out.

Tom Gerstenecker, Collinsville, IL: “A great pump that’s lightweight, has no
float to get in the way and pumps water down to about 1/2 in. deep.”

Matthew Paul, Des Moines, IA:
“It automatically shuts off, which eliminates the possibility that it will
burn up. I don’t have to constantly check on it; I know it will do the

check out Handyman Magazine

We’re back!

Hi everyone,

We took a little hiatus from the blog, but now we’re happy to be back! We manufacture residential, worry-free, water handling systems. In this space, we’ll talk about keeping your basement dry, and storm preparation tips. We’ll share water well, and sewage system maintenance tips. We’ll talk about properly watering lawns, sizing the pump that’s right for your pool, removing unwanted water around your property and more. We’ll share product maintenance tip and answer any questions you have. So, join us in the conversation!

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