Solutions to help homeowners outsmart Mother Nature

August 10, 2009 Author: Wayne Pumps

(ARA) – Protecting your home means you’re pitted in a constant struggle against the forces of nature. Products and improvements that help you beat the weather are a smart investment.

Look for “weather beater” products that are low maintenance or that provide solutions to harsh climates and moisture. Remember, weather damage can occur in any season, whether it’s from hot or freezing temperatures, driving rains or rising flood waters.

First Line of Defense

Water damage can happen to any home in an instant, ruining valuable electronics or priceless family heirlooms. Even if you’re not in a flood zone, it is wise to invest in a main sump and battery backup pump.

“When storms hit or snow melts off, the ground gets over saturated and the water can enter your home,” says Tony Ferrante,VP Sales & Marketing, Wayne Water Systems. “Sump pump systems are easy to install and provide years of worry-free service.”  And, he advises, if you’re in a water-prone area, the sump pump should have a reliable battery backup pump, since power tends to go out during storms.  For removing standing water in an emergency, such as pipes bursting or a sink or washing machine overflowing, utility pumps also come in handy.  Many are portable and submersible.

A complete basement protection system is a minor investment compared to the extensive damage water can do to property and sentimental items that can’t be replaced. It is your first line of defense to protect your biggest investment: your home.  Got to and key in Wayne pumps or Visit  for more  information.

Decks that Endure

Moisture can be your deck’s worst enemy if it’s made of wood or has wood content. Decking and porch materials are available that have the rich looks of wood, but are resistant to moisture, insects and freeze/thaw conditions.  The home exterior experts at AZEK Building Products ( say the latest innovations are cellular PVC deck boards and porch planks that stand up to weather with a durable, natural looking surface.

“It resists any type of food stains you can dish out, including red wine and barbecue sauce,” says Brian Kincaid of AZEK. He cautions to always ask for a code report for any decking product, since many building permits require this.

An Outdoor Haven with Classic Looks

Rain or hot sun does not have to limit your outdoor enjoyment.  Enhance your entryway or backyard with a beautifully crafted pergola featuring rain-resistant or waterproof canopies in a range of colors and designs to add comfort and protection from weather.

For example, Walpole Woodworkers features pergolas in natural wood or low-maintenance cellular PVC to withstand the elements.  With the added option of a manual or motor-driven retractable canopy, homeowners can enjoy shelter from rain, UV-rays and even add privacy with retractable side panels.  The company offers free pergola or canopy design consultations at (800) 343-6948 or visit

Caulk Goes Above and Beyond

Water damage and energy leaks can threaten your home and drain your wallet. Caulk delivers more bang for the buck than expensive technologies like solar, according to a March 6, 2009 Wall Street Journal article. A third of the energy loss in homes could be stopped by simple caulking and insulating, the article says.

One way to head off moisture or beat extreme temperatures is to buy the best caulk you can find.  One example is LIFETIME Caulk ( from Red Devil, recognized for its durable “lifetime” seal with a warranty against weather damage for the life of the home. “Caulk is easy to apply and can result in up to 20 percent savings on utility bills,” says Jason Ringling of Red Devil.

Homeowners who want to protect their homes, increase resale value or enjoy low-maintenance exteriors can make sound product choices now, rather than pay big bucks to repair problems later. It is possible to stay one step ahead of Mother Nature.

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