New or Replacement Lawn Pumps:

Lawn pumps are used when lake, pond, or municipal water is pumped for irrigation. Common uses include pumping water from a lake to power lawn or garden sprinklers.


Do You Need a Portable or Permanent-Mount Lawn Sprinkler?

The portable solution is just that, portable. The portable lawn sprinkler pump can run up to 2 above ground sprinklers, with up to 100’ total hose length, hose in use. The intake or suction hose must be reinforced hose or PVC pipe, and the discharge is standard garden hose size.

The permanent installation should be used to run underground sprinkling systems, and should be housed in a pump house to protect from weather elements.

How much horsepower (HP) do you need?

PLS Flow RateThe amount of horse power you need in a lawn pump varies depending on the job. Factors to keep in mind include the amount of discharge pressure needed, how far you may be pumping the water, and the gallons per hour you plan to pump.

Installing Your Lawn Pump:

Lawn Pump

Permanent Lawn Pump:

Shallow Well Jet Pump:
Wayne ToolsEnsure you have these tools on hand before you install your permanent lawn pump: Screwdriver, pipe wrench, adjustable wrench, hacksaw, wire cutters, wire strippers, and pipe clamps.
INSTALLATION TIPS: Prolong the life of your pump, by properly protecting it from the elements. Ensure you have installed your pump in a basement, garage, tool shed, or pump house with adequate ventilation. Install the pump so the center line of the pump is as close as possible to the water level. Keep the installation area clear to provide access for service and routine maintenance. To avoid excessive tripping of the motor, the surrounding temperature should never exceed 100 degrees F (38 degrees C).

Portable Lawn Pump:
Wayne Tools

The pump should be placed on a level, solid foundation. Before you begin to pump, ensure you have attached the required reinforced suction hose and pipe/garden hose into the pump body. After you have run the discharge pipe/hose away from the pump, plug the pump into a nearby power source and flip the switch to the on position. For best results, operate the pump in a shaded area to prevent overheating.

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