Prevent Winter Water Damage

January 13, 2010 Author: Wayne Pumps

The experts at Wayne Pumps can help protect your home and valuables from water damage during winter’s cold months. Start with a quality sump pump and reliable battery backup pump in case you lose power. WAYNE Pumps recommends its new iSwitch Technology which has no mechanical parts and lasts five times longer than other pumps on the market. Other simple measures can save thousands of dollars in damage. For example, disconnect garden hoses during freezing temperatures to prevent pipes from bursting. Test your sump pump and battery back-up system periodically by pouring water into it. Do the same with your HVAC condensation pumps. Remove drain plugs and insulate the pipes on your well pumps during the coldest months. And, make sure your sump and utility pump’s discharges extend away from the home to prevent freezing water from damaging your home’s foundation. These simple steps can keep your home safe and dry, even during the ravages of winter’s cold.
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