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Where can I buy Wayne repair parts?

Visit www.pumpserviceandsupport.com or call our customer service department for assistance at 1-800-237-0987

What type of battery is used in the ESP15 standby system?

A deep-cycle battery is the correct type of battery for a sump pump back up system. Automotive batteries are less expensive, but not the correct design to give long lasting basement protection. Our 40amp AGM deep-cycle battery is maintenance-free and can provide 3.3 hours of continuous run and our 75amp AGM deep cycle battery provides 6.25 hours of continuous run. Most sump pumps do not run "continuously", so your protection time is likely much longer with these two batteries.

Can I use an extension cord to connect my pump to an electrical outlet?

Connecting your pump to an electrical outlet using an extension cord is not recommended because there is an associated voltage drop. If you MUST use an extension cord, purchase a heavy-duty cord that is the largest gauge and shortest length possible.

Can gas-powered pumps or the PC4 be used to pump gasoline?

No! These pumps are not designed to move petroleum based chemicals such as gasoline. Doing so can be hazardous to both the pump and yourself and will void the warranty.

Do all Wayne well pumps require a jet assembly?

All CWS jet pumps require a jet assembly to complete the installation process. Choosing the proper assembly depends on the depth and diameter of your well. For further details, click here. The SWS and JSU series of well pumps do not require a jet assembly.

Do I need a tank with my well pump?

While it is not a necessity of operation, it is highly recommended that you use a water tank in conjunction with your well pump. Not having a tank will cause your well pump to constantly be running, thus adding unnecessary wear and tear. A water tank allows you to store water and your well pump will generally run at well-spaced intervals (depending on your water usage). Visit our products page for more information.

How do you wire a T51S10-4?

By following the instructions in the manual or hiring a qualified electrician. Generally, installation of a deep well submersible pump is not a DIY project, most home owners will want ot contact a professional.

Can any of our pumps be used in a saltwater application?

We do not recommend that our pumps be used in a saltwater application.

Will chlorine water in a pool cover damage the pump?

Over time it will degrade the shaft seal and damage the pump.  This damage is not covered by warranty.  Rinse the pump in clean water afterward to minimize the damage.