Prevent Winter Water Damage
January 13, 2010 Author: Wayne Pumps

The experts at Wayne Pumps can help protect your home and valuables from water damage during winter’s cold months. Start with a quality sump pump and reliable battery backup pump in case y

Staying Pumped: Keep Your Sump Pump In Top Shape
August 11, 2009 Author: Wayne Pumps

Your sump pump system is your home’s first line of defense in storms, flash floods, bursting pipes and other water emergencies, so it is wise to keep that system in working order.  Sump p

Solutions to help homeowners outsmart Mother Nature
August 10, 2009 Author: Wayne Pumps

(ARA) – Protecting your home means you’re pitted in a constant struggle against the forces of nature. Products and improvements that help you beat the weather are a smart investment.

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