WAYNE Water Systmes

In 1928, Norbert G. Berghoff founded the WAYNE Home Equipment Company located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The Berghoff family was also known for owning and operating the famous Berghoff Brewery in Fort Wayne.

WAYNE Home Equipment manufactured oil burners for use in home furnaces, water and space heaters, boilers, and industrial ovens. WAYNE became quite successful in the oil burner business, but faced the challenge that oil burners were seasonal in nature. Fall and winter months became the high production periods for oil burners, creating the need for a complementary product that would increase WAYNE’s business in the spring and summer months. Manufacturing water pumps became the solution to the balance out this seasonality.

In the 1940s, WAYNE Home Equipment entered the water pump industry by acquiring the Zepher Pump Company, located in Decatur, Illinois. WAYNE moved the Zepher Pump company and facility to Fort Wayne, with its oil burner division to reduce manufacturing and transportation costs. In 1978, the Berghoff family made the decision to sell their home equipment company to the Scott Fetzer corporation. The WAYNE Home Equipment Company remained in Fort Wayne, until August of 1991 where WAYNE Water Systems moved to its current location in Harrison, Ohio.

With almost 90 years in the business, WAYNE Water Systems has dominated the water pump industry.  WAYNE Water Systems will continue to engineer market leading innovation, impeccable customer service, and provide homeowners with durable, reliable, worry free water handling solutions. WAYNE Water Systems is unsurpassed in the market, by providing quality products tested to 1 Million Cycles, Ultra Quiet Performance and superior Quality that is maintained by Assembling in the USA.

WAYNE Water Systems offers a full line of sump, utility, sewage, effluent, well, lawn, pool, specialty pumps and systems, and accessories.

Group of Vintage WAYNE Pumps

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