AdvanTEXT cellular flood alarm system.

Text alerts help homeowners prevent basement flooding.

Real Time Text Alert Helps Prevent Basement Flooding

Today’s homeowners lead on-the-go lifestyles. What if you could know instantly, anywhere you are, if your power is out, or if your sump system needs attention? AdvanTEXT detects power outage and high water levels and immediately sends a text alert to the mobile phone numbers you program in.

Floods are the #1 most common natural disaster in the United States. Think of what is at risk in your basement, the furnace, the water heater, and if you have a finished basement there is carpet, furniture, electronics and more. Over the past 5 years, the average paid flood insurance claim was more than $35,000. If you’ve ever experienced a flood, you know the clean up can be a massive effort, and must be done quickly, within the first 48 hours, to avoid mold.

How it Works

AdvanTEXT uses M2M cellular technology, and it does not require a landline, internet service, or home network to operate. For a low yearly texting service fee of only $29.95, you can have real time information for your home, a vacation home, rental property—any place where it is important for you to know if there is a flood condition or power outage. Watch this video and find out how easy it is to install, and use AdvanTEXT.

Find Out How Much a Flood Could Cost You

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Wayne's AdvanTEXT system is designed to have everything you need to connect to the discharge piping, for either a new installation, or a replacement with the added alert system. It came packed in a sturdy carton, with beefy molded cardboard inserts. It's ready to go right out of the box, and includes all the various hose clamps and zip ties needed for any type of installation."

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